About KiP Gallery

American artist KiP Walker

KiP Walker grew up in the North Carolina Piedmont and Espanola Valley of New Mexico. She attended Virginia Tech, Blue Ridge Mountains, and lived in the Great Salt Lake Valley. All this, as well as many wonderful travels, have confirmed for Walker that many of her happiest moments are spent in and around the mountains.


While pursuing a career as a medical professional, she engaged in local and university art instruction, especially sculpture, drawing, printmaking and photography. A life change led her to pursue another BS and an MFA in graphic arts, with an emphasis on photography, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Walker has received a variety of grants and awards. She shows her work in the US and abroad in invitational and competitive exhibitions and galleries, including her own, KiP Gallery, now online.


Walker served as visiting artist at numerous institutions and art facilities and taught at the college level. Her work appears in private and museum collections.